It’s time to do your Due Diligence and take a look at what Gravity Software has to offer.

A lot can be said about how much data can be managed and how we can access it. Some startup businesses store critical data in Excel spreadsheets or home-grown applications. Some start with QuickBooks because it performs well for small businesses. As businesses start to grow, so does their customers data and the number of applications they are housed in.

Cloud Accounting Alternative

Gravity Software™’s cloud-based accounting solution takes your business from a manual, daily grind to an automated streamlined operation. At the end of the day, its about getting an easy to use system that provides your business with real-time insights so you can make better informed decisions for your business.

Microsoft Power Platform

Gravity is built on the Microsoft Power Platform (aka Dynamics 365) that hosts over 5 million users worldwide. A platform where multiple applications can live. Users can pick and choose which modules they need for their business.
With Gravity, your business will gain a faster ROI, streamline efficiencies across the board, and provide a tailored adaptation for what matters most.

“Being able to implement Gravity Software with little cost has been the biggest help for our growing dental practice. Some packages cost tens of thousands of dollars – Gravity is the PERFECT solution, from a financial standpoint, for small to medium size businesses with multiple locations.”

Michelle Keckler, Accounting Coordinator

Gravity’s Advanced Features Include:

QBcure is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and a Gravity Software Platinum Partner. We can identify your next steps after QuickBooks and see if it makes sense to upgrade to Gravity’s robust cloud accounting app. QBcure specializes in businesses that have multiple companies or locations looking for real-time insights into their financials and operations.

It’s time to do your Due Diligence and take a look at what Gravity Software has to offer. Learn how your business can increase efficiencies across the board and schedule your online demo today!

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