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QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software solutions for small businesses. One reason for that is the range of features it offers right out of the box. However, sometimes businesses may need it to do more. Luckily, the huge user base for Quickbooks draws the interest of third-party app developers who create solutions that help customize Quickbooks to do more of what you need. We suggest looking through the dedicated App Store on Intuit’s website to help find tools to optimize your bookkeeping. 

Check out our video for a basic walkthrough of the QuickBooks App Store: QuickBooks Online Help: QBO Apps

Below we’ve listed a few benefits and tips for finding the right QuickBooks App to help with accounting for your business:

  1. Integrating services you already use
    1. Most popular service providers have integrations within QuickBooks. Shopify, Stripe, Square, and Amazon are just a few examples of service providers that are able to sync directly with Quickbooks via an app.
    2. Search by name to see if your service provider has an app available in the store.
  2. Finding new solutions to old problems
    1. Taking a moment to assess how app automation can save time in the long run.
    2. Most common app suggestions include timesheets, bill pay, and inventory management.
    3. Searching the store by category or keyword is the quickest way to find new apps.
  3. Strength in numbers
    1. Reviews are the best way to gain insight into an app. Reading more reviews can help you understand the range of user satisfaction.
    2. Another good sign is the number of years the app’s developer has been in business. Clicking through to an app’s company website can help you determine the age of the company. Generally, an older app will have more reviews/users and software updates. Knowing that an app is consistently updated gives peace of mind that the developers are invested in its continued success.

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